Kacey Rohl (1991 - )

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Kacey Rohl in Hannibal: Mizumono.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Caprica: Unvanquished (2010) [Ada]: Sets off a suicide bomb in a crowded stadium as part of a terrorist attack. The attack is then shown to be a demonstration created by Polly Walker; Kacey's character never actually existed.
  • R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: Pumkinhead (2011) [Allie Burrows]: Decapitated and head turned into a pumpkin when a farmer appears in front of her.
  • Hannibal: Mizumono (2014) [Abigail Hobbs]: Throat slit by Mads Mikkelsen as Hugh Dancy watches in horror. (Her death is confirmed in the episode Aperitivo).
  • Once Upon a Time: Labors of Love (2016) [Megara]: Killed (off-screen) by Cerberus.
  • Wayward Pines: Bedtime Story (2016) [Kerry Campbell]: While Wayward Pines is under attack by mutant creatures, Kacey injects herself with bubonic plague, smallpox, and other virulent diseases. She then walks outside the colony and allows the creatures to attack and eat her in the hope of spreading the deadly diseases to all of the creatures and wiping them out. Her death occurs off-camera but can be heard through the colony gates.
  • The Magicians: Divine Elimination (2017) [Marina Andrieski]: Throat slit by Mackenzie Astin (off-screen). Her corpse was found by Stella Maeve at the end of the episode. Temporarily revived in the next episode The Flying Forest due to an unstable spell Stella used, describing her harrowing experience in the afterlife. After giving Stella valuable information, she dies again.


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