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Ka Tung Lam (1967 - )

Ka Tung Lam in Firestorm (2013)

Film Deaths[]

  • Infernal Affairs (Mou gaan dou) (2002) [Inspector B]: Shot to death off-screen in an elevator by Andy Lau after he killed Tony Chiu Wai Leung and revealed that he was the other mole in the department (It's not until Infernal Affairs 3 that we see his death in surveillance footage).
  • Exiled (Fong Juk) (2006) [Boss Keung]: Shot to death in the film's climatic shootout by Roy Cheung.
  • Mad Detective (San taam) (2007) [Ko Chi Wai]: Shot to death in the film's climatic shootout.
  • Triangle (Tie saam gok) (2007) [Wen]: Shot in the head.
  • IP Man (Yip Man) (2008) [Captain Lei Chiu]: While he survives the movie, there is a deleted scene where he is murdered by a mob of people for being a traitor against the Chinese for Japan.
  • Vengeance (Fuk Sau) (2009) [Chu]: Is mortally wounded after being shot multiple times in a gunfight with Simon Yam and his men. His death is then mentioned in a news program after his body is found at the landfill where the shootout occurred.
  • Firestorm (Fung bou) (2013) [Tou Sing Bong]: Run over by a truck driven by Siu-Fai Cheng while trying to reach a car Andy Lau has unlocked for him after a shootout.
  • Paradox (Sha po lang: taam long) (2017) [Cheung Hon Shou]: Shot in the head by Louis Koo to avenge his daughter.