Jyoti Amge in American Horror Story: Test for Strength

Jyoti Amge (1993 - )

Film DeathsEdit


TV DeathsEdit

  • American Horror Story: Bullseye (2014) [Ma Petite]: Drowned after Emma Roberts pours a gallon of formaldehyde into a tube that Jyoti is inside of. This all turns out to just be Emma's imagination as she has a change of heart when preparing to kill Jyoti later that night.
  • American Horror Story: Test of Strength (2014) [Ma Petite]: Crushed to death and back broken by Michael Chiklis while Jyoti hugs him for giving her a dress as a present. Her corpse is later seen preserved in a tube filled with formaldehyde as she is revealed to be a museum exhibit (Jyoti continues to appear in the season through flashbacks, in Michael's hallucination, a corpse and finally in Jessica Lange's personal Heaven among the other fallen good characters who died in the season or its finale). 
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