Justin long

Justin Long in Jeepers Creepers

Justin Long (1978-)

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Jeepers Creepers (2001) [Darius 'Darry' Jenner]: Eyes removed (leaving two holes completely through his skull) by Jonathan Breck (off-screen); his body is shown in Jonathan's 'workshop' afterwards. (Justin reappeared as a ghost/vision in Nicki Lynn Aycox's dream sequence in the 2003 sequel Jeepers Creepers II.)
  • After.Life (2009) [Paul Coleman]: Killed by Liam Neeson when he inserts a trocar deep into his torso.
  • Lavender (2016) [Liam Ryer]: Accidentally killed when his daughter (Peyton Kennedy) runs into him while trying to escape from Dermot Mulroney, causing them both to fall down a flight of stairs. He appears throughtout the film as a ghost to Abbie Cornish.
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