Julin (1983 - )

aka Julin Jean, Jennifer Guhlin

Film Deaths Edit

  • Sweatshop (2009) [Miko]: Vomits blood all over Peyton Wetzel after drinking beer that was poisoned by Melanie Donihoo, who had actually intended for the beer to be drunk by Brent Himes. Peyton starts to drag Julin for help, but when Jeremy Sumrall suddenly appears behind them, Peyton sacrifices Julin by pushing her at Jeremy in an attempt to distract him and save himself. Jeremy then hits Julin over the head with his gigantic improvised sledgehammer (made of an anvil attached to the end of a heavy pipe), splattering her into the ground and mostly obliterating her. Her arms and legs remain intact but her head is flattened and all that remains of her torso is her ribs, spine, part of her intestines, and a lot of blood and chunky gore.
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