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Juliet Landau in "Toolbox Murders".

Juliet Landau (1965 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Direct Hit (1994) [Frank McLean]: Shot in the chest by William Forsythe. (Thanks to L.)
  • Life Among the Cannibals (1996) [Rachel]: Dismembered with a power saw (off-camera) by Daryl Haney; we only hear her screaming during the murder. Various body parts are shown in the garbage bags afterwards. (Thanks to Iron Duke)

    Juliet Landau * Toolbox Murders

  • Toolbox Murders (2004) [Juliet Cunningham]: Stabbed than impaled in the back of the head with a power drill by Christopher Doyle in her apartment. (Thanks to Matt)
  • Fatal Reunion (2005) [Lisa Calders/Dana Declan]: Impaled through the back on a spike at the end of a fight with Erika Eleniak. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)
  • Hack! (2007) [Mary Shelley King]: Bitten on the throat by Sean Kanan when he tries to recreate a Hammer Dracula movie scene. Her body is shown again later on posed on Sean's shrine. (Thanks to Matt)

TV Deaths[]

  • Justice League Unlimited: Alive! (2006; animated) [Tala]: Killed by the combined supernatural and scientific energy when Lex Luthor (voiced by Clancy Brown) uses her to power his device in an attempt to resurrect Brainiac (Corey Burton), only to inadvertently resurrect Darkseid (Michael Ironside). (Thanks to Dignan)
  • Criminal Minds: Heathridge Manor (2012) [Catherine Heathridge]: Burned to death when a fire breaks out in the asylum. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)
  • Thundercats: Native Son (2012; animated) [The Queen of Thundera]: Died giving to Lion-o (Will Friedle),she only appears in flashbacks.

Video Game Deaths[]

  • BioShock (2007) [Little Sisters]: Providing the voice of multiple characters, Juliet can die if the player chooses to harvest them instead of rescuing them; in all cases, they will be disemboweled (offscreen) and forcibly disconnected from the symbiote slug keeping them alive. Each Little Sister is last seen screaming in terror as the player reaches for them, before the scene cuts to the player holding the harvested slug.

Noteworthy Connections[]