Bye helen

Juliet in Primeval being attacked by the raptor.

Juliet Aubrey (1966-)

Film deathsEdit

  • F (The Expelled) (2010) [Helen Anderson]: Presumably killed offscreen. Last seen walking down a darkened school corridor, hears a noise, stops and says "hello, is there somebody there ?". Not seen again but we know the school is full of murderous thugs who have already killed a number of people.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Primeval: Season 3 Episode 3: (2009)' '[Helen Cutter]: Knocked off a cliff by a raptor while talking to Jason Flemyng. The fall kills both her and the dinosaur. The raptor had gone through a time portal with Juliet and Jason. In an earlier episode the entwined skeletons had been discovered and this had raised the question about man coexisting with the dinosaurs.
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