Juliana Potter (19?? - )
Juliana Potter Preacher.S01E10

Juliana Potter's final death in Preacher: Call and Response

Film Deaths:Edit

None Known

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Preacher: Sundowner (2016) [Susan]: Playing a Seraphim, she is shot in the forehead by Tom Brooke while trying to strangle Dominic Cooper and Anatol Yusef to death; However, due to being an angel she returns to life shortly afterwards. Immediately thereafter, she is killed multiple times during a fight in Tom and Anatol's hotel room, first by having her throat slit by Dominic, then by being shot in the head by Dominic through a hole in the wall, then by numerous methods over the course of the brawl that follows - towards the end of which she is shot in the forehead by Joseph Gilgun.
  • Preacher: Finish the Song (2016) [Susan]: Having been nonlethally dismembered by Tom Brooke in order to keep her incapacitated, she is strangled by W. Earl Brown as a mercy killing at her own request. However, due to being an angel, she once again returns to life - exiting the motel room just as W. Earl finishes strangling her previous body.
  • Preacher: Call and Response (2016) [Susan]: Presumably killed along with everyone else in Annville by the overloading methane power plant; her status as an angel allows her to return from death, however, and she is seen wandering among the ruins of the town soon after. However, she is then shot through the back by Graham McTavish, leaving a hole in her torso (where her heart was) so big that even Graham can be seen through it; as is later revealed, Graham has the power to kill angels permanently, ensuring that Juliana remains dead this time. 


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