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Judy Matheson in The Exquisite Cadaver

Judy Matheson (1945 - )

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Exquisite Cadaver (Las Crueles) (1969) [Esther]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by taking an overdose of drugs. Her body is shown afterwards when Carlos Estrada discovers her naked in a refrigerator, and again in a subsequent flashback scene when Capucine discovers her and undresses her as part of her plan to plant the body to get revenge on Carlos. (Nudity alert: Topless and rear)
  • Crucible of Terror (1971) [Marcia]: Burned to death when Mary Maude (possessed by the spirit of Me Me Lay) throws acid into her face after Judy opens her bedroom door. (Thanks to Thomas)
  • Twins of Evil (The Gemini Twins; Twins of Dracula) (1971) [Woodsman's Daughter]: Burned at the stake by Peter Cushing and his men. We see her screaming through the flames throughout the opening credits.
  • The House That Vanished (Scream...and Die!; Psycho Sex Fiend) (1974) [Lorna Collins]: Strangled with a belt while being raped by Karl Lanchbury in her bedroom. Her body is shown afterwards when Andrea Allan discovers her. (Nudity alert: Topless) (Thanks to Ed)

TV Deaths:[]

None known