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Judd Nelson in Relentless

Judd Nelson (1959 - )

Deaths in Film[]

TV Film[]

  • Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes (1990) [Pete Dunham]: Wounded in battle and succumbs to his wounds he bleeds to death.
  • Tales from the Crypt; What's Cookin'? (1992) [Gaston]: Killed (off screen) by Christopher Reeve and Bess Armstrong so that Judd can be eaten by Art Lefleur; the episode ends with Reeve burning Judd's face on a stove.
  • The Outer Limits: Something About Harry (2000) [Harry Longworth]: Killed by Barbara Tyson. Details escape.
  • Sex & Bullets (2001; TV Movie) [Seymour Cassel] Gets shot to death in the back by Amy Hathaway
  • Netherbeast Incorporated (2007; TV Movie) [Steve the consultant]: Gets stuck in the chest with the point of a gun by Steve Burns and bleeds out to death.
  • Infected (2008; TV movie) [Malcolm Burgess]: Stabbed by the creature's claws and later succumbs to blood loss from the wounds caused.
  • Nikita: Set-Up (2013) [Ronald Peller]: Playing a dual role as "Ronald Peller" and his double, the double is shot in the back by Maggie Q, just as the double is about to kill Judd's son (Aaron Stanford). The real "Ronald Peller" survives the episode.