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Josh Lucas in Hulk

Josh Lucas (1971 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Alive (1993) [Felipe Restano]: Killed in a plane crash.
  • The Deep End (2001) [Darby Reese]: Accidentally impaled on an anchor when he falls through a collapsing railing (following a fight between him and Jonathan Tucker). His body is later seen when Tilda Swinton discovers him with her then removing him from the beach before taking him by boat to a flooded cove where she dumps him overboard (with his body later seen when she dives down to retrieve incrimminating evidence, then again when police discover him).
  • Session 9 (2001) [Hank]: Dies when Peter Mullan jams a lobotomy tool into his eye socket, then later on rips it out.
  • When Strangers Appear (2001) [Peter]: Dies in a car explosion from a cigarette lighter igniting some spilled gasoline spraying over their vehicle along with Kevin Anderson just as Josh and Peter are about to kill Radha Mitchell with a machine gun.
  • Hulk (2003) [Glenn Talbot]: Killed in an explosion when he fires a missile at the Hulk (with Eric Bana portraying his normal self) and it ricochets into the wall behind Josh. (him 'getting blown' was an obvious cardboard cut-out).
  • Wonderland (2003) [Ron Launius]: Beaten to death with a lead pipe by drug dealers during a home invasion (shown in a rapid-fire sequence intercut with crime scene and morgue photos). (Thanks to China)
  • Undertow (2004) [Deel Munn]: Stabbed in the stomach by his nephew (Jamie Bell) as Josh tries to drown him in a lake (for dumping some priceless coins into the water); he dies after making his way out of the lake and collapsing onto the bank with his nephew (Devon Alan) sitting beside him.
  • J. Edgar (2011) [Charles Lindbergh]: Dies (off-screen) of lymphoma, sometime after the movie ends.
  • Red Dog (2011) [John Grant]: killed off-screen in a motorcycle car accident after he collided with a kangaroo his body and kangaroo are shown when his friends find out and then one of them screams
  • Stolen (2012) [Vincent]: Impaled on a crowbar (having been set on fire from being knocked into some ignited fuel then being hit by his own burning cab, setting him further ablaze) by Nicolas Cage as they are struggling in the ocean, with Cage then knocking him back into the trunk of his sinking car, to slam down the lid, locking it (at this point Josh was wearing heavy burn makeup for the role
  • The Most Hated Woman In America (2017) [David Waters]: Dies (off-screen) years after the events depicted in the movie by lung cancer.
  • The Black Demon (2023) [Paul]: Sacrifices himself by blowing himself up with a bomb after getting eaten by the megalodon shark.

Television Deaths[]


Notable Connections[]

  • Brother of Devin Maurer (editor)