Eurystheus' death

Joseph Fiennes in Hercules

Joseph Fiennes (1970 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Rancid Aluminum (2000) [Sean Deeny]: Shot repeatedly by a Russian mob assassin, he dies as Rhys Ifans looks on.
  • Dust (2001) [Elijah]: Dies of a heart attack, several years in between the flashback story and the present-day story; shown in David Wenham's vision of the future during his own near-death experience. (For this scene, Joseph is made up to look older than he actually was at the time.)
  • Enemy at the Gates (2001) [Commisar Danilov]: Shot in the head by Ed Harris, after deliberately making himself a target in order to make Ed give away his position. (Thanks to GLC, Graeme, and Matt)
  • The Great Raid (2005) [Major Gibson]: Dies of malnutrition after being help captive in a POW Japanese base.
  • The Escapist (2008) [Lenny Drake]: Run over by a subway train; this turns out to be part of Brian Cox's fantasy as he imagines how his escape plan might go. (Thanks to Arben)
  • Hercules (2014) [King Eurystheus]: Stabbed with his own dagger by Dwayne Johnson. (Mythological inaccurate: his death is never stated in the mythology and he survives the myth of Heracles.)

TV DeathsEdit


  • Son of Mark Fiennes (photographer) and Jini Fiennes (novelist)
  • Mr. Maria Dolores Dieguez


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