Jose Manuel Martin (with Raquel Welch) in 100 Rifles

Jose Manuel Martin (1924 -)

Male Deaths Edit

  • A Pistol for Ringo (Una Pistola per Ringo) (1965) [Pedro]: Has a knife thrown into his chest by Giuliano Gemma.
  • A Minute To Pray, A Second to Die(Un Minuto per pregare, un istante per morire) (1968) [El Bailarin] Strangled/choked to death by Alex Cord.
  • 100 Rifles (1969) [Sarita’s Father]: Hanged by Fernando Lamas’ men, as Jose’s daughter (Raquel Welch) holds onto him in order to pull him down and speed his death as a mercy killing.
  • Cut-Throats Nine '(Condenados a vivir)(1972)[John McFarland, 'Weasel]: Strangled with a chain by Manuel Tejada.
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