Jordan Fisher in Until Dawn

Jordan Fisher (???? -)

TV DeathsEdit

  • Teen Wolf: The Last Chimera (2016) [Noah Patrick]: Presumably killed (off-screen) by the Dread Doctors, after his body starts bleeding mercury; he is last seen hiding from them as they approach, but his fate is strongly implied.

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • Until Dawn (2015) [Matt]: Depending on the player's choices, Jordan can die in many ways throughout the game: (1) Knocked over a cliff after attacking a herd of angry deer, fracturing his skull on a rock at the bottom as Nichole Bloom looks on helplessly; (2) Impaled through the lower jaw with a meat-hook after being dragged off by Ella Lentini; (3) Head partially crushed by Ella during their confrontation in the mines (along with Meaghan Martin, if she is still alive), if Jordan fails to remain still while hiding or fails to outrun her. He can also survive to the end of the game if all these deaths are averted.
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