Jordan Claire Robbins in Anon

Jordan Claire Robbins's death in Anon

Jordan Claire Robbins (19?? - )

aka Jordan Robbins

Film DeathsEdit

TV Deaths Edit

  • Supernatural: Various & Sundry Villains (2018) [Jamie Plum]: Jordan and Elise Gatien are mind controlled by Ruth Connell, who causes them to bleed from the eyes then stab each other to death.
  • The Umbrella Academy: Extra Ordinary (2019) [Grace]: Playing a robot, she is shut down by David Castañeda after it becomes clear that her programming is starting to degrade thanks to Colm Feore's earlier modifications (the scene being played to resemble a mercy-killing). However, Adam Godley is able to repair and reactivate her later in the series.
  • The Umbrella Academy: The White Violin (2019) [Grace]: Damaged beyond repair when Ellen Page uses her powers to destroy the Academy. She is last seen waving goodbye to David Castaneda from an upper-story window just before the building collapses.


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