Jonathan Hartman in 'Friday the 13th: The Series: Tails I Live, Heads You Die'

Jonathan Hartman (19?? - )

Film DeathsEdit

TV DeathsEdit

  • Friday the 13th: The Series: Tails I Live, Heads You Die (1988) [Tiriel]: Dies (off-screen) of unspecified causes a hundred years before the story begins. He is brought back to life when Colin Fox uses the cursed coin to resurrect him, and dies once again when he is crushed by falling debris when Satan causes the underground cavern to collapse.

Below, Miramax, 2002, dir. David Twohy. Played Bernard Schillings, a murdered Luftwaffe pilot.[1]

Hey, want yet another of my screen demises? This is from 'Below', set in a haunted submarine during WW2, directed by David Twohey and produced by the saintly Harvey Weinstein. I played Bernard Schillings, an incinerated, captured Luftwaffe pilot being nursed back to health by Olivia Williams, eventually killed by Bruce Greenwood,
Below Corpse

Suave and debonair as ever.

then further uglified as pictured and smuggled into Olivia's bunk by some jolly sailors!

I've also done Shakespeare professionally, if anyone's interested. (sigh, o woe, and alackaday...) 

Here- have a look at my website.

Sometimes I even survive. 

Factoid: Me ol' castmate, Dexter Fletcher went on to direct a few low budget, completely obscure films... I wonder whatever became of him.

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