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Jonathan Creek title screen


Jonathan Creek (TV series, 1997 - present, plus occasional specials)

(Note: Although the series debuted in 1997 and is still running as of 2014, the seasons have been non-consecutive, with gaps of several years between some of the seasons.)


Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies) designs illusions for a stage magician. Thanks to hiis skill at figuring out "impossible" tricks, he frequently finds himself called upon to solve inexplicable crimes.

Male Deaths[]

Female Deaths[]

  • Suzanne Ahmet (2010 Special: The Judas Tree)
  • Louise Barrett (Episode 3.1: The Curious Tale of Mr. Spearfish)
  • Hetty Baynes (Episode 3.5: Miracle in Crooked Lane)
  • Naomi Bentley (2009 Special: The Grinning Man)
  • Meg Davies (Episode 2.1: Danse Macabre)
  • Hannah Gordon (1998 Special: Black Canary)
  • Amanda Hadingue (2010 Special: The Judas Tree)
  • Jenna Harrison (2009 Special: The Grinning Man)
  • Sofia Hayat (2010 Special: The Judas Tree)
  • Clare Malcolmson (Episode 3.2: The Eyes of Tiresias)
  • Tina Martin (Episode 4.1: The Coonskin Cap)
  • Kika Mirylees (Episode 1.3: The Reconstituted Corpse)
  • Annabel Mullions (Episode 2.4: The Problems at Gallows Gate Part 1)
  • Alice Patten (Episode 4.6: Gorgons Wood)
  • Hilary Sesta (Episode 2.6: Mother Redcap)
  • Mary Tamm (2001 Special: Satan's Chimney)
  • Anna Wilson-Jones (Episode 4.1: The Coonskin Cap)