Jon Bon Jovi in Cry_Wolf

Jon Bon Jovi (1962 - )

Lead singer of the group Bon Jovi

Film DeathsEdit

  • Young Guns II (Young Guns II: Blaze of Glory) (1990) [Pit Inmate Shot Back into Pit]: Shot to death by guards while trying to escape. (Thanks to Dawn)
  • U-571 (2000) [Lt. Pete Emmett]: Struck by debris when the submarine is hit by a torpedo. (Thanks to Dawn, Ian, Gary, and Dominique)
  • Cry_Wolf (2005) [Rich Walker]: Shot in the chest with his own gun by Julian Morris while they're struggling for the gun in Jon's office, having been set up for Erica Yates' murder by Lindy Booth thereby making it look like contrived self-defence. His body is shown again afterwards being zipped up in a bodybag after the police arrive.
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