Johnny Briggs (1935 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Light Up The Sky (Skywatch) (1960) [Leslie Smith, Gunner]: Machine gunned by an incoming Messerschmidt he is shooting down when it is caught in the searchlight beam. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Devil Ship Pirates (1964) [Pablo]: Killed in a swordfight against John Cairney, whom he and fello buccaneer Michael Peake have pursued into a swamp. After finding his sister (Natasha Pyne) stuck in a muddy bog - where she's been hiding from Briggs and Peake for the past few hours - Cairney just has time to drag her out of the mire before he's forced to battle and slay both pirates.  
  • 633 Squadron (1964) [Pilot Officer Lt Jones]: Killed with his navigator Geoffrey Frederick when an engine misfires after a practice run for the bombing mission and he is unable to gain height to clear the cliff and crashes into it. (Thanks to Brian)

TV DeathsEdit

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