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Johnathon Schaech in Prom Night

Johnathon Schaech (1969 - )

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Forsaken (2001) [Kit]: Playing a vampire, he's burned to death by sunlight, after being pinned against a wall with a car by Kerr Smith (setting the building he's in on fire in the process). (Thanks to ND)
  • Judas (2004) [Judas Iscariot]: Presumably commits suicide by hanging himself. (I haven't seen this, so I don't know whether the movie covers his suicide or ends before his death.)
  • Prom Night (2008) [Richard Fenton]: Shot in the chest by Idris Elba, just as Johnathon is about to stab Brittany Snow. (Thanks to Meg)
  • Quarantine (2008) [George Fletcher]: Knocked over a bannister when Jeannie Epper attacks him; he dies after being infected by the rabies like plague. (See also David Vert in the 2007 version.) (Thanks to Cody)
  • Laid to Rest (2009) [Johnny]: Stabbed in the head by Nick Principe, who then slices Jonathon's face off as Jana Kramer looks on in horror. (Thanks to Matthew)
  • Takers (2010) [Scott]: Shot to death (along with his cohorts) by T.I. on Jonathan's private plane. (Thanks to Mary, Tommy, and ND)
  • 5 Days of War (2011) [Capt. Rezo Avaliani]: Killed off-screen by military assassins.
  • Phantom (2013) [Pavlov]: Shot to death by David Duchovny in Ed Harris' quarters as Harris and Jason Beghe look on in shock.
  • The Legend of Hercules (2014) [Tarak]: Defete with his army when Kellan Lutz electric them by Lightning from his sword.
  • Flight 7500 (2014) [Captain Pete Haining]: Deprived of oxygen after the plane he's traveling on suffers uncontrolled decompression. He remains on the plane unaware of his death until he "dies" again when his soul is collected by a spirit and his body is later shown after Jerry Ferrara, Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart, and Nicky Whelan realize the truth about what happened on the plane.
  • Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018) [Max]: Bitten to death by a zombie in a hospital morgue as Johnathan was attempting to rape Sophie Skelton. His role in the rest of the film is as a zombie himself.
  • The Night Clerk (2020) [Detective Nick Perretti]:

Television Deaths:[]

  • Cold Case: Libertyville (2009) [Julian Bellowes]: Throat slit with a carpet-cutting tool by Brian Hooks; his body is shown at the beginning of the episode, and the murder is shown in a flashback later on. He later appears as a ghost/figment of imagination to his wife and sister (Constance Towers, Hattie Winston), who flash back to their younger selves (Alexandra Holden, Erica Ash), after his murder is solved. (Thanks to Neil)
  • Fear Itself: The Circle (2009) [Brian]: Dies after being taken over by the Darkness (Steve Dhillon), he later returns as a zombie with his death being repeated forever due to Victoria Pratt’s curse.
  • Ray Donovan: Fite Fight (2013) [Sean Walker] Shot in the head by James Woods.

Notable Connections[]

  • Mr. Julie Solomon.