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John Travolta in Pulp Fiction

John Travolta (1954 - ) 

Film Deaths[]

  • The Devil's Rain (1975) [Danny]: Melts, along with all the other cultists, when "The devil's rain" is unleashed upon them.
  • Carrie (1976) [Billy Nolan]: Killed in a car accident alongside Nancy Allen when Sissy Spacek telekinetically sends their car out of control.
  • Pulp Fiction (1994) [Vincent Vega]: Shot in the stomach with his own MAC-10 submachine gun by Bruce Willis in the kitchen of the latter's house, after John comes out of the bathroom and Bruce is startled into accidentally pulling the trigger by a popping toaster, causing Travolta to fall back through the door.  His body is later seen sitting in a bathtub as Bruce looks in. Note: The next chapter "The Bonnie Situation" takes place before this event.
  • White Man's Burden (1995) [Louis Pinnock]: Shot to death by police in the street, while convinced he's not dropping his gun as he is trying to attract help from his boss.
  • Michael (1996) [Michael]: Playing an angel, he "dies" due to his inability to remain on the earthly plane of existence his body disappears into a mass of feathers as William Hurt and the other reporters look on.
  • Phenomenon (1996) [George Malley]: Dies of brain cancer with Kyra Sedgwick by his side.
  • Broken Arrow (1996) [Vic "Deak" Deakins]: Killed in an explosion when he is propelled into several burning fuel drums by his own deactivated nuclear missile when Christian Slater tampers with the controls and aims it at him following a martial arts fight between them over a remote detonator.
  • Face/Off (1997) [Castor Troy]: As Nicolas Cage with John's (as Sean Archer) face, is impaled with a spear gun and pinned into a wall by John (with Nicolas's face); he dies later after he sings “Ready, ready for the big ride, baby” for the last time. John then gets his original face back and "Archer" survives the movie.
  • Mad City (1997) [Sam Baily]: Commits suicide by blowing himself up after discovering Bill Nunn has died because of him.
  • A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004) [Bobby Long]: Dies off-screen from unspecified circumstances presumably liver/kidney failure because of prolonged alcohol poisoning. His grave is later seen when visited by Scarlett Johansson.
  • The Punisher (2004) [Howard Saint]: Burned to death while being dragged behind a car as explosions go off all around him.
  • The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) [Ryder]: Shot in the stomach by Denzel Washington through a chainlink fence as John pulls a gun on Denzel. He dies while talking to Denzel.
  • In a Valley of Violence (2016) [Marshal Clyde Martin]: Shot to death during a shootout with his son, James Ransone, and Ethan Hawke when he tries to stop James and Ethan from killing each other.
  • Life on the Line (2016) [Beau Ginner]: Electrocuted when he restores power to the hospital by grabbing a lever and pushing down on it.
  • Gotti (2018) [John Gotti]: Dies of cancer while in prison. His body is later shown being zipped up into a body bag.
  • Speed Kills (2018) [Ben Aronoff]: Shot to death by Keith Hudson.

TV Deaths[]

  • None known

Notable Connections[]