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John Stephenson as Thundercracker (back-row right) in The Transformers: The Movie

John Stephenson (1923 - 2015)

Prolific voice actor

Film Deaths[]

  • The Transformers: The Movie (1986; animated) [Thundercracker/Windcharger/Huffer]: "Thundercracker" is jettisoned into space along with several other Decepticons after the Battle of Autobot City. He is discovered by Unicron (Orson Welles) and reformatted into Scourge (Stan Jones). "Windcharger" is shown to have been killed during the same battle alongside Wheeljack (Chris Latta). "Huffer" is implied to have also been killed in the same battle, as his remains were discovered in The Transformers: Dark Awakening.

TV Deaths[]

  • The Hobbit (1977; animated) [Dori/Great Goblin/Bard]: The Great Goblin's throat is slashed by Gandalf (John Huston), his other characters survive.
  • The Return Of The King (1980; animated) [Witch King]: Decapitated with a sword by Eowyn (Nellie Bellflower) after being wounded by Merry (Casey Kasem) when he stabs him in the back.