John Steiner in 'Tenebre'

John Steiner (1941- )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Marat/Sade (The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum at Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade) (1967) [Monsieur Duperret]: Playing a mental patient performing in the play-within-the-film, his character is executed (off-stage) by the guillotine; his death is mentioned in a song performed by Jonathan Burn, Freddie Jones, Jeanette Landis, and Hugh Sullivan.
  • Bali (Incontro d'amore) (1970) [Glenn]: Commits suicide by eating a poisonous nut. (Thanks to Andrea)
  • Tepepa' (Blood and Guns) ('1970) [Dr. Henry Price]: Shot in the chest by Luciano Casamonica.
  • Challenge to White Fang (II Ritorno di Zanna Bianca) (1974) [Charles 'Beauty' Smith]: Killed in an avalanche triggered when he tries to shoot White Fang. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Waves of Lust (Una Ondata di piacere; A Wave of Pleasure) (1975) [Giorgio]: Drowned when Silvia Dionisio and Al Cliver put him in the water while he's drunk, to simulate a scuba-diving accident. (Thanks to Matt)
  • Commando Terror (Milano violenta; Bloody Payroll) (1976) [Fausto]: Killed in a motorcycle crash while fleeing form the police. (Thanks to Andrea)
  • Deported Women of the SS Special Section (Le Deportate della sezione speciale SS) (1976) [Yavul]: Bleeds to death after Lina Polito slashes his penis by hiding a razor blade in her vagina. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Mark Strikes Again (Mark colpisce ancora) (1976) [Paul Henkel]: Killed in an explosion when Franco Gasparri shoots at the gunpowder depot where John is hiding. (Thanks to Andrea)
  • Too Much Fear (...e tanta paura; Plot of Fear) (1976) [Hoffmann]: Commits suicide (off-camera) by shooting himself after a confrontation with Eli Wallach; we only hear the shot as Eli walks away. (Thanks to Johan)
  • A Man Called Blade (Mannaja) (1977) [Voller]: Hit in the stomach with an axe by Maurizio Merli. (Thanks to Andrea)
  • Shock (Beyond the Door II) (1977) [Bruno Baldini]: Hit in the chest with a pickaxe by Daria Nicolodi in the cellar.
  • The Last Hutner (L'Ultimo cacciatore) (1980) [Major Cash]: Throat slashed with a sword by a viet Cong soldier. (Thanks to Johan)
  • The Salamander (1981) [Captain Roditi]: Killed in an explosion when he starts his car and detonates a car bomb, while Franco Nero looks on helplessly. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1982) [Overlord]: Killed in an explosion when his headquarters get destroyed.
  • Dagger Eyes (Mystere; Murder Near Perfect) (1983) [Ivanov]: Falls out of a hotel window at the end of a fight with Phillip Coccioletti. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Cobra Mission (Cinque uomini contro tutti; Operation Nam) (1985) [James Walcott]: Killed (off-screen) in a helicopter crash; we are informed of his death by some on-screen text at the end of the movie. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Cut and Run (Inferno in diretta; Amazon: Savage Adventure; Straight to Hell) (1985) [Vlado]: Torn in half after his legs are tied to two bent trees in the jungle. (Thanks to Johan)
  • The Commander (1988) [Duclaud]: Stabbed in the throat at the end of a struggle with Manfred Lehmann. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Sinbad of the Seven Seas (Sinbad) (1989) [Jaffar]: My memory of this movie is vague, but I believe John was killed at the end.

TV DeathsEdit

None known.

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