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John Savage in The Killing Kind

John Savage (1949 - )

Film Deaths:[]

  • Eric (1975) [Eric Swensen]: Presumably dies of a terminal illness.
  • Salvador (1986) [John Cassaday]: Shot in the street by an American Helicopter while taking close up photos of it; he dies in James Woods' arms shortly afterwards while managing to give him the photos.
  • Shut Up and Shoot! (2006) [Marty Pearlheimer]: Strangled/choked to death by Silvio Pollio while being filmed on video camera; it later turns out to be a faked death by Silvio, who's actually part of an undercover FBI operation. (Played for dark and off-color comedy.) (Nudity: Topless briefly after shirt)

TV Deaths:[]

Notable Connections:[]

  • Brother of Jim Youngs and Gail Youngs
  • Father of Jennifer Youngs