John Ortiz in Carlito's Way

John Ortiz (1968 - )

Film Deaths

  • Carlito's Way (1993) [Guajiro]: Throat slashed with a razor by a mob assassin after having his hand crushed by a freezer door. His body is later seen when his cousin (Al Pacino) having shot said mob assassin motions a prayer over him.
  • Replicas (2019) [Jones]: playing both Jones and a clone, Jones is severely beaten by a robot that was given Keanu Reeves’s consciousness off-screen, which ends when the robot Keanu bashes John’s head against the floor repeatedly until Keanu’s intervention. John subsequently dies from his fractured skull after having a brief conversation with both Keanus. John is cloned by robot Keanu in the aftermath, and the clone survives the movie.

TV Deaths


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