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John Mills in Chuka

John Mills (1908 - 2005)

Film Deaths[]

  • Tudor Rose (Lady Jane Grey; Nine Days a Queen) (1936) [Lord Guildford Dudley]: Executed by beheading (off-screen); we last see him being led through the courtyard as Nova Pilbeam looks on through her window, followed shortly afterwards by the sound of the cannon signaling that the execution has been carried out.
  • Cottage To Let (1941) [Flt Lt George Perry]; An undercover nazi agent, he is is finally tracked down and eventually shot in the chest and then in the back by Alastair Sim. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Scott of the Antarctic (1948) [Captain R.F. Scott]: Frozen to death (off-screen), along with Reginald Beckwith and Harold Warrender; the movie ends with an exterior shot of their tent in the blizzard as John writes his final diary entry. (Thanks to Brian)
  • War and Peace (1956) [Platon Karate]: Shot by a French guard as he refuses to keep walking through the wilderness with Henry Fonda and the other prisoners.
  • Tunes of Glory (1960) [Lt. Col. Basil Barrow]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by shooting himself in the head in the barracks' bathroom; we hear the shot from the pool room, and his body is shown afterwards when Alec Guinness discovers him.
  • The Singer Not The Song (1961) [Father Michael Keogh]: Shot in the back by the dying Nyall Florenz as he runs to the dying Dirk Bogarde and they end up lying beside each other in the dust. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Chuka (1967) [Colonel Stuart Valois]: Shot in the chest with an arrow by an Arapaho warrior during the assault on the fort. (Thanks to Robert and Brian)
  • The Thirty Nine Steps (1978) [Scudder]: Killed (I recall by being pushed off a platform in front of a train) by David Warner's German Prussian assassins (who then frame Robert Powell for the crime).
  • *When the Wind Blows (1986; animated) [Jim Bloggs]: Dies of radiation poisoning, along with his wife (voiced by Peggy Ashcroft), while waiting in their home and praying following a nuclear attack.
  • Deadly Advice (1994) [Jack the Ripper]: Dies of unspecified causes before the film begins, he appears as a ghost to Jane Horrocks throughout the film

TV Deaths[]

  • Murder With Mirrors (1985) [Lewis Serrocold]: Shoots himself in the head (offscreen) in his study adjoining the sitting room where Helen Hayes and Leo McKern have just revealed him to be the murderer of John Woodvine. (See also Joss Ackland in the 1991 version and [[Brian Cox in the 2009 version.) (Thanks to Brian)

Noteworthy Connections[]

  • Mr. Mary Hayley Bell (playwright/novelist)
  • Father of Juliet Mills and Hayley Mills
  • Grandfather of Crispian Mills (lead singer of Kula Shaker)