John Marley in 'The Car'

John Marley (1907 - 1984)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Time Table (1956) [Bobik]: Shot to death in the office of his bar in Tiajuana by Mark Stevens when Mark decided to steal the illegal passport to Argentina from him.
  • Cat Ballou (1965) [Frankie Ballou]: Shot in the chest (from a distance) by Lee Marvin, while John is insisting to Michael Callan, Dwayne Hickman, and Tom Nardini that he doesn't need their protection. His body is shown again later on lying in his coffin when his daughter (Jane Fonda) comes to see him.
  • In Enemy Country (1968) [Rausch]: Machine-gunned by a German patrol boat while he is on his boat sending a message to the rest of the French resistance. (Thanks to Brian)
  • A Man Called Sledge (1970) [Old Man]: Shot in the stomach and chest by James Garner.
  • Jory (1973) [Roy Starr]: Shot in the back by one of John Kelly's men; he manages to shoot Kelly before dying.
  • Deathdream (Dead of Night) (1974) [Charles Brooks]: Commits suicide (off-camera) by shooting himself in the head, after he can't bring himself to shoot his undead son (Richard Backus). We only see John raising the gun to his head, then hear the shot from outside the room as Lynn Carlin is helping Richard down the staircase.
  • The Car (1977) [Sheriff Everett Peck]: Hit by the driverless sentient car in the street.
  • Kid Vengeance (Take Another Hard Ride; Vengeance) (1977) [Jesus]: Killed in an explosion when the mortally-wounded Jim Brown throws dynamite at John and Lee Van Cleef (who escapes the blast).

TV Deaths:Edit

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