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John Larch in Play Misty For Me

John Larch (1914 - 2005)

Film Deaths:[]

  • Man From Del Rio (1956) [Bill Dawson]: Shot off his horse by Anthony Quinn after he has manhandled Katy Jurado and then gone for his gun. (Thanks to Brian).
  • 7 Men From Now (Seven Men From Noon) (1956) [Payte Bodeen]: Shot repeatedly by Donald Barry and Lee Marvin as he is caught between them. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Quantez (1957) [Heller]: Killed after he foolishly challenges Fred MacMurray to a gunfight and loses.
  • Gun For a Coward (1957) [Stringer] Shot by Fred MacMurray when John tries to shoot Jeffrey Hunter.
  • From Hell to Texas (1958) [Hal Carmody]: Mortally in the chest in a gunfight with Don Murray.
  • Play Misty For Me (1971) [Detective Sergeant McCallum]: Stabbed by Jessica Walter (off screen).

TV Deaths:[]

  • The Restless Gun: Hornitas Town (1958) [Sheriff Riker]: Shot in the chest by Jack Elam, he manages to shoot Jack in turn before dying of his wound.
  • Johnny Ringo: The Liars (1960) [Mills Walker]: Shot by Don Durant in the gunfight in the mineshaft. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Wagon Train: The Cathy Eckhart Story (1960) [Ben Harness]: Hanged (off-camera) for killing Susan Oliver's father with a shovel as John was being attacked by him with a bullwhip. John's character was a man of deep religious convictions that the flirtatious Susan saw as a challenge. when her father saw her kiss John to tempt him he flew into a rage. John accepted the punishment rather than to forever tarnish the girl's reputation.
  • Hawaii Five-0: Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born (1968) [Joseph Trinian]: Shot dead by James MacArthur as he is about to shoot Morgan White and Richard Denning as they stand on a balcony watching a parade. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Dallas: Will Power (1990) [Arlen Ward]: Drowned in his own fishtank (off-screen) by Alexis Smith. His body is seen stuffed in the fishtank when police, Howard Keel, and Barbara Bel Geddes discover him.
  • Dallas: The Smiling Cobra (1990) [Atticus Ward]: Poisoned when he drinks liquor that Alexis Smith had spiked while giving a toast.
  • The Twilight Zone: It's Still a Good Life (2003) [Mr. Fremont]: John doesn't appear in this episode (as it's made after he quit his acting career), but it's revealed that his character from the original series episode It's a Good Life was wished into the cornfield by his son (Bill Mumy) several years before the story begins.

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