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John Koyama shortly before his death in Breakin Bad

John Koyama just before his death in Breaking Bad: Pilot

John Koyama dead in Breaking Bad

John Koyama dead in Breaking Bad: Pilot

John Koyama (1973 - )


Deaths in Movies[]

Deaths in TV[]

  • Breaking Bad: Pilot (2008) [Emilio Koyama]: Fatally poisoned when Bryan Cranston triggers a chemical reaction that floods his mobile meth lab with phosgene gas; his death is not seen, but his death throes are clearly heard while Bryan pins the door shut until John finally expires. His body is shown several times in the next episode Cat's in the Bag, until Aaron Paul dissolves him in a bathtub filled with hydrochloric acid - and accidentally splatters his liquid remains across the hallway below when the acid eats through the tub.
  • The Boys: Life Among the Septics (2024) [Koy]: Pulverised after being pushed into a building by Cameron Crovetti's super strength.