John Johnson (1979 -)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Darken (2006) [Roy]: Disarms Callous (Leo Rogstad) of his blade and impales himself in the chest with it in order to stab Callous, who is holding him from behind to prevent him from helping Rhea (Whisper Nicole). He dies shortly later under a tree after walking into a field.
  • The Jester [Video] (2007) [Sam]: Burnt to death by Grimmel the Jester (Chris J. Duncan).
  • The Vampires of Zanzibar (2010) [John John the Gay Bartender]: Turned into a vampire after being bitten by Mrs Leroy (Evyh Cerhus), then gets stabbed in the heart with a stake by Robin Lewis (Robin L. Watkins) a short time later.

Gallery Edit

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