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[[Category:People who died in a Gunsmoke series]]
[[Category:People who died in a Gunsmoke series]]
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[[Category:Leukemia victims]]
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John Ireland (on bed, with Walter Brennan) in My Darling Clementine

John Ireland (1914 - 1992)

Film Deaths

  • Railroaded! (1947) [Duke Martin]: Shot to death in a shootout with Hugh Beaumont. (Thanks to Harry)
  • Red River (1948) [Cherry Valance]: Shot in the chest or stomach by John Wayne, as he challengers him to draw his gun from behind. (as Wayne is walking toward Montgomery Clift). (although some production notes state he survives, I'll keep it listed, figured it'll get suggestions if it was left out).
  • I Shot Jesse James (1949) [Bob Ford]: Shot with a shotgun in a showdown with Preston Foster. He dies after confessing his sorrow for killing Reed Hadley. (in reality Bob Ford died instantly after being shot, as the blast went to his throat and nearly decapitated him).
  • Vengeance Valley (1951) [Hub Fasken]: Shot in the back by members of a posse as John tries to ride away. Shown from a distance.
  • The Good Die Young (1954) [Eddie]: Electrocuted when Laurence Harvey pushes him onto the third rail. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Queen Bee (1955) [Judson Prentiss]: Commits suicide by deliberately driving his car into a ravine in order to kill both himself and Joan Crawford. (Thanks to Duncan)
  • Party Girl (1958) [Lucky Louie Canetto]: He is trying to get the top off a bottle of acid (to throw at Robert Taylor), in a building already besieged by the cops and as he pauses in front of a window he is machine gunned. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Spartacus (1960) [Crixus]: He has a gladius stuck through him in the final battle between the slave army and the Romans. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Faces In The Dark (1960) [Max Hammond]: Dies (off-screen) of a violent coughing fit which leads to a heart attack. We find out when Mai Zetterling tells his brother John Gregson. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Fall Of the Roman Empire (1964) [Ballomar]: As he's Chained to a stake with his wife, Lena von Martens, and burnt to death when the dying Christopher Plummer shouts out his last command "Burn them, burn them" (only Sophia Loren escapes alive). (Thanks to Brian)
  • The House of Seven Corpses (1974) [Eric Hartman]: Crushed to death when a zombie drops a treasure chest on him. (Thanks to Michael)
  • Satan's Cheerleaders (1977) [The Sheriff]: Stabbed in the stomach with a fence post by Jack Kruschen.
  • Terror Night (1987) [Lance Hayward]: Plays a ghost who returns to kill the intruders on his estate. (Thanks to PortsGuy)
  • Messenger of Death (1988) [Zenas Beecham]: Shot in the chest in a big shoot-out. (Thanks to Michael)

TV Deaths

  • Thriller: Papa Benjamin (1961) [Eddie Wilson]:

Notable Connections

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