John Huston in Winter Kills

John Huston (1906 - 1987)


Film DeathsEdit

  • The Bermuda Triangle (Devil's Triangle of Bermuda; Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle) (1978) [Edward Marvin]: Drowned (off-screen), along with Marina Vlady, after they're knocked overboard by a wave. (Thanks to Johan)
  • The Biggest Battle (Il Grande attacco; The Greatest Battle) (1978) [Sean O'Hara]: Killed in an explosion by a grenade while reporting from the front lines. (Note: John's death scene was cut from the US release, and is only present in the longer European version.) (Thanks to Johan)
  • Winter Kills (1979) [Pa Kegan]: Falls over a balcony while fleeing from a gunfight between Jeff Bridges and Richard Boone; we see him hanging onto a giant flag after Jeff comes to the balcony, then John falls to his death when the flag tears before Jeff can pull him up.
  • Wise Blood (1979) [Grandfather]: Dies of old age; I can't recall whether he had an on-screen death scene or whether he was simply presumed to have died at some point between the flashback sequences and the body of the film.
  • The Other Side of the Wind (2018) [J.J. Hannaford]: Killed in a car accident (off screen); his death is confirmed during an opening narration by Peter Bogdonavich shown over a photo of the crashed car and we see Huston drive off toward that crash as the film ends. (The film was shot over several years and remained unfinished until Netflix released a final edit decades after Huston's death. The car accident was one of the few scenes director Orson Welles had yet to shoot)

TV DeathsEdit

  • None

Notable RelativesEdit

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