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Saunders' death

John Heard in Deceived

John Heard (1945 - 2017)

Film Deaths[]

  • On the Yard (1978) [Juleson] Head bashed in with a club while in the prison library.
  • Cutter's Way (Cutter and Bone) (1981) [Alex Cutter]: Dies after riding a horse through a window; he dies shortly afterwards while holding a gun on Stephen as Jeff Bridges pulls the trigger for the dying John.
  • The Package (1989) [Col. Glen Whitacre]: Shot to death along with Anatoly Davydov by Michael Skewes in their car (we only see Michael firing).
  • Deceived (1991) [Jack Saunders]: Falls to his death down an empty elevator shaft after being lured into it by Goldie Hawn, who had been holding onto a cable to make it seem as though she was standing in the elevator car.
  • The Pelican Brief (1993) [Gavin Verheek]: Shot to death in his hotel room by Stanley Tucci (we only see blood fly onto the TV screen).
  • Edison (Edison Force) (2005) [Capt. Brian Tilman]: Shot in the head by LL Cool J as John is holding Justin Timberlake hostage.
  • Would You Rather (2012) [Conway]: Executed by shooting in the head by Jonny Coyne when John refuses to take part in Jeffrey Combs' "game."
  • Assault on Wall Street (2013) [Jeremy Stancroft]: Shot to death by a SWAT team after Dominic Purcell makes it look like it was him who went on the killing spree.
  • Living Among Us (2018) [Andrew]: Portraying a vampire, he is burned to death by sunlight (along with Esmé Bianco), in addition to having his throat slit from Hunter Gomez slashing Esmé, due to them being telepathically linked.

Television Deaths[]

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