John Gregson (1919 - 1975)

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Angels One Five (1952) [Pilot Officer 'Septic' Baird]: A fighter pilot, he is fatally injured in a dogfight with the Luftwaffe and dies offscreen, his final broken, halting words are heard by the personnel in the control centre. (Thanks to Brian).
  • Three Cases Of Murder: 'You Killed Elizabeth' (segment) (1955) [Edgar]: Killed by Emrys Jones who knocks him out and then pushes him out of the window of their fifth floor flat after John tells him he has realised it was Emrys who had murdered Elizabeth Sellars. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Above Us The Waves (1955) [Lt Alec Duffy]: Commander of the X2 Midget Submarine, to avoid compromising the mission of the 3 submarines to damage The Tirpitz, he decides not to escape from it with his crew after it has inadvertently been rammed by a German ship and sent to the bottom of the fjord to lie on top of the 4 tons of explosive they have primed and timed. When he and his crew, William Franklyn, Anthony Newley and Lyndon Brook eventually try to escape they are too late and get blown up. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Sea Of Sand (Desert Patrol) (1958) [Capt Williams]: Machine-gunned by the Germans in a half track as he sacrifices himself in a diversion tactic, giving the LRDG the chance to drive up on their blind side and wipe them out so his patrol can be rescued. (Thanks to Brian] .
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