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John Glover (1944 - )

John Glover in Batman and Robin

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Evil That Men Do (1984) [Paul Briggs]: Shot in the chest with a shotgun in a diner by Charles Bronson, which causes him to fly out the doorway.
  • An Early Frost (1985) [Victor Diamato]: Dies of AIDS related complications.
  • El Diablo (1990) [The Preacher]: Shot to death by one of Robert Beltran's henchmen.
  • In The Mouth Of Madness (1994) [Saperstein]: Probably killed along with nearly all of the hospital patients and staff when the Old Ones attack the asylum Sam Neill is in (we only see blood and limbs flying through Sam's cell window).
  • Automatic (1995) [Goddard Marx]: Electrocuted when one of Oliver Gruner's androids throws him onto a console at the end of a fight.
  • Batman & Robin (1997) [Dr. Jason Woodrue]: Poisoned by Uma Thurman when she kisses him with her venomous lips (his body is later seen when she sets his labratory on fire).

TV Deaths:[]

  • Moving Target (1988 TV) [Dobbins]: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest/stomach and neck by Jack Wagner while sitting in an airport terminal (who makes it look like Jason Bateman killed him). His body is later seen when Jason returns and finds him dead.
  • Medusa's Child (1997 TV) [Rogers Henry]: Commits suicide by shooting himself as the military arrive.
  • Smallville: Descent (2008) [Lionel Luthor]: Pushed out of a high window in his office by his son (Michael Rosenbaum).



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