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John Cho in 'Total Recall.'

John Cho (1972 - )

Films Deaths[]

  • Better Luck Tomorrow (2002) [Steve Choe]: Suffocated with a fuel soaked rag by Jason Tobin and Roger Fan, after being beaten brutally by Parry Shen (following a struggle with Sung Kang). His body is later seen when they bury him in a garden (then again when they dig him up to steal his mobile phone).
  • Total Recall (2012) [Bob McClane]: Gunned down by Bryan Cranston's men as John is about to shoot Colin Farrell.
  • The Grudge (2020) [Peter Spencer]: Possessed by the spirit of Tara Westwood drowns self in bathtub, after murdering pregnant wife Betty Gilpin with kitchen knife.

TV Deaths[]

  • Charmed: Dead Man Dating (1998) [Mark Chao]: Shot to death by Joe Ho so Joe can use John's Body to fake his death by setting his Body on Fire as John's Spirit watch on horror.
  • Sleepy Hollow: Pilot (2013) [Officer Andy Brooks]: Neck snapped by D.J. Mifflin; he returns through out the rest of the season as an undead servant of the coven.
  • The Exorcist: Unworthy (2017) [Andrew "Andy" Kim]: Shot in the head by Ben Daniels, at his own request, when the demon possessing John (in the form of Alicia Witt) begins to take control of Alfonso Herrera.