John Carroll Lynch in Volcano

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John Carroll Lynch (lying dead on the floor) as Lindsey Lee Ginter covers up the killings in Mercury Rising.

John Carroll Lynch (1963 - )

Film Deaths

  • Feeling Minnesota (1996) [Cop]: Killed by Dan Aykroyd in a shootout.
  • Face/Off (1997) [Prison Guard Walton]: Beaten to death (off-screen) by rioting convicts after he causes Chris Bauer’s death; we only see him being overpowered by prisoners.
  • Volcano (1997) [Stan Olber]: Sacrifices himself by melting into a stream of lava after he falls into it in order to save Valente Rodriguez (he manages to throw Valente to his fellow rescuers as he dies).
  • Mercury Rising (1998) [Martin Lynch]: Shot in the head by Lindsey Ginter after Lindsey shoots Kelley Hazen dead in the back. He dies after managing to call 911 before expiring (his body is later seen clutching a phone by Ginter, who then makes it look like a murder/suicide or a break in gone bad).
  • Gothika (2003) [Sheriff Ryan]: Shot in the head by Halle Berry having been caught in a gas explosion and set on fire after he shoots at Kathleen Mackey’s ghost igniting the gas (his body is later seen as the fire dies down).

TV Deaths

Notable Connections

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