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John C. McGinley in Identity

John C. McGinley (1959 - )

Film Deaths[]

Television Deaths[]

  • The Last Outlaw (1993 TV) [Wills]: Shot to death during a shootout by Mickey Rourke and his men.
  • Intensity (1997 TV) [Edgler Foreman Vess]: Burned to death by Molly Parker.
  • Scrubs: My Two Dads (2001) [Dr. Cox]: In a fantasy sequence, he's killed with a light-saber by Ken Jenkins in a duel as Zach Braff watches in horror; his body vanishes into nothing at the moment of his death. (A parody of Alec Guinness' death in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.) (John survives the episode in reality) (Played for Comedic Effect)
  • Spider-Man: The New Animated Series; Sword of Shikata (2003) [Richard Damien]: Decapitated by Gina Gershon after he sent a group of henchmen to kill her.
  • Clone High: Sleep of Faith: La Rue D'Awakening (2002; animated) [Doug Prepcourse]: Died (off-screen) forty years before the episode took place of unknown causes. Appeared as a ghost/illusion seen primarily by Michael McDonald, a parody of The Sixth Sense.
  • American Dragon Jake Long: The Legend of the Dragon Tooth (2005; animated) [Dr. Diente]: Destroy after being hit by a big screen TV used Jake (voiced by Dante Basco), his glasses are all that remained.
  • Robot Chicken: Chirlaxx (2008; animated) [Mahmoud Ahmadinejad]: Burned to death when George W. Bush (voiced by Seth Green) throws him in a furnace. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Burn Notice: Means & Ends (2012) [Tom Card]: Shot in the head by Jeffrey Donovan.
  • Stan Against Evil (Stan Miller) season two either episode 7 or 8 Stan goes back into the past to rescue his dead wife but gets his neck snapped but that timeline changes back to normal when Evie travels back and rescues him
  • Stan Against Evil (Stan Miller) 3x01 is gutted with a knife when Evie sees a monster instead.
  • Stan Against Evil (2014) [Stan] 3x08 get shot in the chest with a shotgun (the season got cancelled before we could know what would happen to him
  • Chicago P.D.: Reckoning (2019) [Superintendent Brian Kelton] Shot to death off screen by Anne Heche, his body is found by "The Intelligence unit" at the end of the season finale.