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John Brumpton in The Loved Ones

John Brumpton (19?? - )

Deaths in Film[]

  • The Loved Ones (2009) [Daddy]: Stabbed repeatedly in the neck by Xavier Samuel (by pulling out the knives that were pinning his feet to the floor), as his daughter (Robin McLeavy) watches in shock. His body then falls through the trapdoor and is devoured by the captives in the basement.

Deaths in TV[]

  • Farscape: Home On The Remains (2000) [B'Sogg]: Presumably dies of either poisoning or blood loss after having his arm melted off by an acid pustule punctured by Gigi Edgley; he is last seen begging for help as Gigi leaves him to suffer, though as the acid's been established as being fatally toxic, his death is essentially guaranteed. (John was wearing heavy alien makeup in this role)