John Bishop (19?? - )


John Bishop in Silent Night, Deadly Night

a.k.a. John Glen Bishop

Film Deaths Edit

  • Silent Night, Deadly Night (Slayride) (1984) [Mac]: Decapitated with an axe by Robert Brian Wilson while John is sledding downhill. (This scene was repeated in a "flashback" in the 1987 sequel Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2)
  • Panic (2002) [Walter]: Falls out of an airplane and either he asphyxiates or dies on impact.

TV Deaths Edit

  • Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG: IN: To Those Without Even A Name - Selecon (2006; anime) [Individual Eleven Leader]: Decapitated along with several other members in a murder-suicide while Hideo Kuze (Kirk Thornton) escapes.
  • Swamp Thing: Pilot (2019) [Eddie Coyle]: Dies after being infected by a virus that causes vegetation to burst from his body (off-screen); his corpse is shown when Crystal Reed, Andy Bean, and Henderson Wade discover him. His body later reanimates before being set on fire by Andy.
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