John Benjamin Hickey in Alias: In Dreams...

John Benjamin Hickey (1963 -)

TV DeathsEdit

  • Hannibal: Buffet Froid (2013) [Dr. Sutcliffe]: Murdered [offscreen] by Mads Mikkelsen, who also carves his mouth open with a pair of scissors to make it look as though he was killed by Ellen Muth. His body is later discovered by Hugh Dancy, though the culprit's true identity is not confirmed until Ellen later experiences a flashback of Mads slicing open John's face and then putting the scissors in her hands (trusting that Ellen's unique mental illness will make it impossible for her to identify him for the police)
  • Jessica Jones: A.K.A. I Wish (2019) [Peter Lyonne]: Commits suicide by slitting his wrists in a bathtub while delivering a diatribe against Carrie-Anne Moss in front of his webcam. His death is seen when Tiffany Mack shows the video to Carrie-Ann.
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