Joel McHale in Becky

Joel McHale (1971 - )

Deaths in Film[edit | edit source]

  • Ted (2012) [Rex]: Dies (off-screen) of Lou Gehrig's disease years after the film's ending; his death is revealed during Patrick Stewart's final narration. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Deliver Us From Evil (2014) [Butler]: Bleeds to death after a possessed Sean Harris stabs him in the chest with an axe; his body is seen later on when Eric Bana discovers it on the stairs.
  • Game Over, Man! (2018) [Himself]: Stabbed in the head with a stiletto heel by Sugar Lyn Beard after Jamie Demetriou orders Joel and Sugar to fight to the death.

Deaths in Television[edit | edit source]

  • Community: Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps (2011) [Jeff Winger]: Being that this episode features multiple horror themed segments, Joel dies in a few of them; in one story, he's stabbed in the chest with a hook by Ken Jeong, in another he's mauled by a werewolf transformed version of Alison Brie, in another he's slaughtered (off screen) with a chainsaw by Jim Rash and in another he's poisoned by Gillian Jacobs (Joel survives the episode in reality). (All played for comedic effect.)
  • Community: Intro to Recycled Cinema (2015) [Jeff Winger]: Killed (off screen, methods unclear) by aliens looking for Ken Jeong in Danny Pudi's in the film within the episode; we never see Joel die, but it's indicated that he did have a death scene; he shows up at the end of the film when Ken arrives in hell. (Played for Comedic Effect)
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