Joe Spinell in Deadly Illusion

Joe Spinell (1936 - 1989)

Film Deaths:

  • Farewell, My Lovely (1975) [Nick]: Shot by John Ireland as he's about to storm into the cabin Robert Mitchum is in.
  • Starcrash (The Adventures of Stella Star; Female Space Invaders) (1979) [Count Zarth Arn]:  Killed in an explosion when his space station was blown up when Caroline Munro crashes into it with an abandoned orbiting city.
  • Winter Kills (1979) [Arthur Fletcher]: Fatally injured (off-screen) in a fall from an oil derrick; he dies some time afterwards in a ship's medical quarters, after confessing to Jeff Bridges and Richard Boone that he killed the President many years before. (Joe's face is completely covered in bandages for his entire screen time.)
  • Maniac (1980) [Frank Zito]: Decapitated by the mannequins in his apartment after they come to life; this is revealed as a dream sequence when the police discover him with his head intact. His eyes suddenly open in the final shot, indicating that he wasn't dead after all. (Thanks to Michael)
  • Deadly Illusion (I Love You to Death) (1987) [Crazy Man in Gun Bureau]: Shot in the chest by Billy Dee Williams after Joe pulls out a gun and takes a hostage in the firearms-licensing office.

Notable Relatives:

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