Jodelle Ferland in Neverknock

Jodelle Ferland (1994 - )

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  • BioShock 2 (2010) [Little Sisters]: Playing multiple characters throughout the game, Jodelle can be killed at any time should the player choose to harvest a Little Sister instead of rescuing her; in all cases, they will be disemboweled (off-screen) and forcibly disconnected from the symbiote slug keeping them alive. Each Little Sister is last seen screaming in terror as the player reaches for them, before the scene cuts to Subject Delta holding the harvested slug. Should the player choose to harvest most or all of the Little Sisters, one of the last survivors will also be murdered and disemboweled by Sarah Bolger, the scene being shot from Jodelle's perspective. However, should the player consistently choose the rescue option, Jodelle's characters will all survive the game.

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