Joanna Heyes (with William Shatner) in Thriller: The Hungry Glass

Joanna Heyes (1927 - )

Television Deaths Edit

  • Thriller: The Purple Room (1960) [Caroline Vale Ransom]: Dies (off-screen) under unspecified circumstances in an asylum, at some point between the 19th-century prologue and the 20th-century story. We last see her screaming hysterically as she shoots at an unseen "intruder" (actually her husband); her subsequent fate is revealed when Richard Anderson recounts the house's history to Rip Torn.
  • Thriller: The Hungry Glass (1961) [Marcia Thrasher]: Slashed to death by shards of glass when William Shatner smashes a mirror in an attempt to rescue her, after he sees her being pulled into the mirror by Donna Douglas' ghost. Her body is shown afterwards lying on the floor when William sees what he's done.

Noteworthy Connections Edit

  • Mrs. Douglas Heyes (director) (widowed)
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