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Joan Chen in Judge Dredd

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Joan Chen shot in Judge Dredd

Joan Chen (1961- )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Tai-Pan (1986) [May-May]: Crushed to death (off-screen), along with Bryan Brown, when the roof falls in during a typhoon; their bodies are shown (in each other's arms) when Tim Guinee discovers them in the rubble. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • The Night Stalker (1987) [Mai Wing]: Neck snapped (off-screen) by Robert Z`Dar in the back seat of a car; her body is shown afterwards as he paints some mystical symbols on her face.
  • Wedlock (1991) [Noelle]: Killed in an explosion when the bomb Rutger Hauer put in her briefcase goes off as she was making her escape in a helicopter. (Thanks to Tomek)
  • Shadow of a Stranger (1992) [Vanessa]: Killed in an explosion when Emma Samms shoots the fuel tank on the boat while Joan is trying to escape. (Thanks to NG)
  • Turtle Beach (1992) [Minou]: Accidentally drowned in the ocean while trying to help some refugees to shore.

TV DeathsEdit

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