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Jimmy Smits (1955 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Star Wars (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope) (1977) [Bail Organa]: Although Jimmy does not actually appear in this film (which was made before he even began his acting career), the subsequent prequels (and spinoff film Rogue One) retroactively revealed that he was killed in the destruction of the planet Alderaan in this film. It's arguable whether or not this "counts," but I'll go ahead and list it just in case.
  • Running Scared (1986) [Julio Gonzales]: Shot to death by Billy Crystal during a shoot-out (causing him to fall down an escalator); his body is shown again traveling down on the escalator steps as Gregory Hines checks on him.
  • The Believers (1987) [Tom Lopez]: Stabs himself in the stomach and chest, after being compelled to do so by Malick Bowens' supernatural powers. His body is shown again afterwards when Robert Loggia brings Martin Sheen to the crime scene (then again when they find snakes in his stomach).
  • Old Gringo (1989) [Arroyo] Executed by firing squad. 
  • Murder in Mind (1997) [Peter Walker]: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest and stomach (with a blade then a set of shears) by Nigel Hawthorne; shown in a flashback sequence. (We're initially led to believe that he was killed by Mary-Louise Parker, but this is later revealed to be a false memory that Nigel hypnotically suggesed to Mary-Louise.)

TV Deaths[]

  • Saturday Night Live (Nov. 10, 1990) [Frank]: In the "Perceptive Detective" sketch, he is shot in the chest by Dana Carvey after he tires of Jimmy reversing the words in the sentences to make himself look clever. (Played for comic effect.)
  • The Tommyknockers (1993 TV mini-series) [Jim 'Gard' Gardner]: Sacrifices himself in an explosion by blowing up the spaceship to destroy the Tommyknockers.
  • Dexter: I Had a Dream (2008) [Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado]: Garroted by Michael C. Hall after Jimmy breaks into Lauren Velez ' home in an attempt to kill her. His body is shown again in the subsequent episode Do You Take Dexter Morgan?, when a jogger discovers him in the park.