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Jimmi Simpson (with Rufus Sewell) in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Jimmi Simpson (1975 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Stay Alive (2006) [Phineus Bantum]: Run over with a supernaturally horse-drawn carriage by the zombie Maria Kalinina by the side of the road. His body is later seen when his sister (Sophia Bush) discovers him as police investigate.
  • The Big Bang (2011) [Niels Geck]: Killed in a fight/shootout with Robert Maillet.
  • White House Down (2013) [Skip Tyler]: Killed in an explosion when Jimmi accidentally activates a bomb he was attempting to disarm due to it being rigged by James Woods.

Television Deaths[]

  • Stephen King's Rose Red (2002) [Kevin Bollinger]: Possessed by Rose Red and driven to hang himself in the mirror room.
  • Black Mirror: USS Callister (2017) [James Walton] Playing both the "real" Walton and his virtual-reality duplicate, the VR clone sacrifices his life to restart the Callister's engines and allow the crew to escape from the pursuing Jesse Plemons, incinerating himself in the process. The "real" Walton survives the episode.
  • Solar Opposites: The Apple Pencil Pro (2021) [Ethan]: Playing someone who has been shrunk down, he is trapped inside of a bong and suffocated with "Chocolate Shell" along with Miguel Sandoval by Andrew Daly as Sterling K. Brown watches on.

Notable Connections[]