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Jim Broadbent in Richard III

Jim Broadbent (1949 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Passage (1979) [German Soldier]: Head bashed in with a club by Anthony Quinn.
  • Richard III (1995) [Duke of Buckingham]: Strangled in his tent by Ian McKellen's henchmen.
  • Bright Young Things (2003) [Drunk Major]: Killed in an explosion when a German bomb falls next to his vehicle after he goes back to get a bottle of wine.
  • Robots (2005; animated) [Madame Gasket]: Thrown into a melter by Ratchet (voiced by Greg Kinnear) and was incinerated/ground to pieces.
  • Art School Confidential (2006) [Jimmy]: Burned to death (off screen) in an apartment fire, after Max Minghella leaves without completely extinguishing his cigarette; we learn of his death afterwards when Max returns to the building and sees what happened.
  • Longford (2006) [Lord Longford]: Dies (off screen) of old age years after the film ends; his death is revealed in text during the end credits
  • And When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007) [Arthur Morrison]: Dies of cancer.
  • The Young Victoria (2009) [King William IV]: Dies of old age, with Emily Blunt by his side.
  • Perrier's Bounty (2009) [Jim McRea]: Shot repeatedly in the chest and stomach with a machine gun by Brendan Gleeson as his son is reversing a car to escape. He dies while talking to his son (Cillian Murphy) as he curses death for being late (played for comic effect).
  • The Iron Lady (2011) [Denis Thatcher]: Dies from pancreatic cancer (off screen); he appears in flashbacks and as a ghostly visage to his wife (Meryl Streep) in the modern day scenes.
  • Cloud Atlas (2012) [Captain Molyneux/Vyvyan Ayrs/Timothy Cavendish/Korean Musician/Prescient 2]: Playing multiple roles over the course of several different time periods, all of them likely die of old age/natural causes following the conclusion of their respective plots. (Jim is in heavy make-up for several of the roles)
  • King of Thieves (2018) [Terry Perkins]: Dies of heart attack in his cell while serving a sentence for the robbery. His death gets mentioned in the closing text.
  • Black '47 (2018) [Lord Kilmichael]: Gunned down by British soldiers who mistake him for James Frecheville.

Television Deaths[]

  • Murder Most Horrid: A Determined Woman (1991) [Selwyn Proops]: Hit in the head with a wrench by his wife Dawn French. French's character goes back in time to prevent his death, but only ends up re-watching his death from a different angle.
  • Doctor Who: Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death (1999) [The Eleventh Doctor]: Electrocuted while trying to fix the Dalek's machine (again; he regenerates into a new form (Hugh Grant) (Played for Comic effect).
  • Any Human Heart (2010 TV) [Logan Mountstuart]: Dies of natural causes whilst walking along his garden toward the ghosts of Hayley Atwell and Poppy Epstein.
  • London Spy: I Know (2015) [Scottie]: Hanged (off-screen) from a tree by an assassin; his body is seen when Ben Whishaw discovers it after receiving a final call from Jim in a taxi, who knows he's about to be killed.
  • War and Peace (2016 TV) [Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky]: Dies of a head injury caused by a fall from his horse (in addition, his fall from the saddle may have been due to a stroke or a heart attack).
  • King Lear (2018) [Earl of Gloucester]: Dies of a heart attack/cardiac arrest while speaking to his son, Andrew Scott. The trauma of losing his eyes and the unexpected return of his son contributing to his death.