Kate death

Kate's initial and brief death by Ian Bohen, leading to her transformation into a Werejaguar.

Jill Suzanne Wagner (1979 -)

former co-host of Wipeout

T.V DeathsEdit

  • Teen Wolf: Code Breaker (2011) [Kate Argent]: Throat slashed open in the Hale House by Ian Bohen's claws in front of her horrified niece Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey. However initially dead for a brief period of time Peter's Alpha claws result in her transformation into La Loba (The Bone Woman) & a Nagual (Werejaguar) which provides accelerated healing and her resurrection in the morgue.
  • Teen Wolf: The Wolves of War (2017) [Kate Argent]: Presumably dies from poisoning (off-screen) after being shot with a poisoned bullet by her father (Michael Hogan); she manages to kill Michael before dying. (As this episode was the series finale, her fate is never confirmed.)

Notable Connections Edit

  • Daughter of David Wagner
  • Mrs. David Lemanowicz
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